Inside looking out

Have you ever heard one of those ideas that you knew had potential?  Well so did I.

We have been playing this game for a long time. You know the game, you build a car in your head, you agonize over the smallest details, and can't stop thinking about making those ideas a reality. Then you put your plan into action.

The most tedious part for most of us is sourcing that hard to find piece to set off your creation. After all the devil is in the details, right? For that simple reason is why collective.east exists, to make that detail easier to achieve.  

Locating quality, sought after parts comes natural to some. For us the thrill of the hunt is often its own reward. The network we have developed and assembled is very good at that. Some of the things I have seen turn up at our headquarters would make even the most seasoned enthusiast stop and take notice, it's truly impressive and I am quite honored to have been asked  to be a part of it.