A couple years ago I had an idea. An idea to source parts. To do what I have been doing quietly for years but this time offer these services to the public.  To make available all of the cool and rare parts we've been looking at but could never quite get a hold of. We use the term rare lightly. Frankly we're not even fans of it. To us it jumped the shark long before anyone even heard of stance. Please don't even get us started on that bullshit, but i digress. 

We have always had a knack for finding what shouldn't be found; well at least in this country. To be honest we always wanted what we couldn't or even shouldn't be allowed too have. Every night when I crawl into bed the last thing i do is curse the damn NHTSA and their fool 25 year rule. How stupid is that? But again i digress.

All we could do was to beg, borrow and steal from our friends overseas who ironically fiend for what we have here. In doing so over the years we have put together a network of trusted friends who have slowly become family. They now provide us with whatever you could possibly desire, and have for years to other friends & family. 

Here at collective.east we are extending that family to you. Please don't hesitate to contact us and inquire about any of your parts inquires. Our family is here to help the best way we know how.