We feel a grading system is in order so you know what to expect when buying that one of a kind piece from collective.east. Although we strive to find NOS this won't always be an option. Between our grading system and our restoration services, we will not only be able to offer you the next best thing to NOS but you will be reassured that you are receiving quality products with each and every order.

A+ Original packaging & paperwork included. Generally NOS, but not always. 100% free of defects.

A   Original packaging (OP) ay or may not be present. Generally exceptional condition overall with the exceptionof some very minor flaws.  

B   Same as above but may be less OP or paperwork.

C   May need some refinishing work to be perfect. Defects are pointed out. The need for restoration is determined by the client.

D   Found in solid but rough condition. Product is still intact with restoration strongly recommended.

F    Sacrificed for parts so that others may live on. Rarely made available for general sale.



We understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our staff looks over every piece with a fine tooth comb to determine grading and price before listed. With that said, we are only human. When shipping A+, A, & B grade merchandise we STRONGLY RECOMMEND an insurance option for shipping. This will not only protect you, the client, but it will also help in replacing any lost or damaged merchandise. If electing not to ship with an insurance option on A+ or A grade pieces we will ask that a wavier be acknowledged prior to shipping.

Should any product sold have to be returned we charge a 15% restocking fee. Customers who request to return an item are responsible for shipping costs and the products safe return. Should damage result in a returned product the customer is responsible, you either have the choice of accepting the damaged items or paying for restoration. All restorations will be provided with a written quote. Payment for damage repair will be deducted from the refund given.

thank you for your understanding.